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Ballroom Dancing With Pink Jazz Shoes And A Tutu

Cinema Ballroom, Saint Paul, MN

What is a Wander-List you might ask? It’s my made up “compound-word-merger” born somewhere between Wanderlust and Bucket List. Yes…I know; “compound-word-merger” isn’t a thing or even a real word, but that’s the beauty of this. I can be creative here any way I want just to convey meaning through words.

You’ve heard the phrase age is just a number, right? You see, I think I’m too young to be blogging about a Bucket List – but I also think I’m too old for Wanderlust, hahaha, just kidding. I’m not too old for travel and adventures. I just like my made up word.

One thing is certain to me ~ age really IS just a number, and my soul feels uniquely young again! Why my soul metaphorically reversed in age can be discussed later ~ based on how curious you become about my life. Maybe from my future writings in this blog?

With that said, I’ve internally changed as the wiser. Oh, I’m still the same person I always was and will be, just consider me the updated version of me. Like a hardware upgrade from 1.10 to 1.11.1  ~  Wait is that the order in which upgrades go? And only software gets upgraded, not hardware, right?

My body on the other hand sure ain’t getting any younger I tell ya’ ~ but I’m also working on ways in which to slow the process. This by staying active. You’ll eventually view it listed with my inspiration and motivation to do so. It will be right here, listed in my Wander-Lists, within this Blog.

So I was listening to a song on the radio, while driving down Highway 61, in my car one day, yah know ~ the type of song that makes you feel so good and you just want to burst out in a dance kinda song? It was that good of a feel good song at just the right moment that led me to the second I knew I was going to be taking dance lessons. And I mean I WANTED TO TAKE DANCE LESSONS! I mean…to actually do it, and not to just think about doing it.

I so lack “rhythm” ~ I always have, and have always known this. Despite my lack of bar-room dancing skills, I know that I can become good at anything I set my mind to ~ dancing included. I will tell you the name of the song that motivated me to do this in the first place, but only when I am done with the posts of this first Wander-List topic.  There are; however, a couple Easter Eggs within this post that have the potential to give the name of the song away ~ FYI.

OH…there will eventually be the finale video posted here. I mean besides the practice sample videos. This after all my posts of this wander-list are finished! My goal is to post the finale by the end of this spring.

#1 Ballroom Dancing Lessons

This is me with my skillful dancing partner Dustin from Cinema Ballroom, a.k.a. a professional dancer, choreographer and instructor, after lesson #11 today! I am definitely pushing myself ~ and am surprised at how fast my progress is going. I think this may have a lot to do with how enjoyable this is besides! I hardly notice that I’m exercising; which is the point.

This is certainly empowering for me. Why? Because I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone here. I’m expressing myself artistically and dramatically in various parts of this dance. I feel better mentally and physically from doing this ~ all while doing something fun from the Wander-List I’m creating and expressing on this blog.


Cinema Ballroom

A sample video of practice choreography session #12. Box 2-Step style of Ballroom Dancing.
I thought I did well today considering I was dancing with a painful right calf and thigh. Despite this I’ve been improving exponentially from every lesson to my own surprise.
This is an Art which takes much skill and practice to reach perfection status. That’s where the professionals are. That’s why they’re the professionals! AND Dustin is one, but he’s teaching ME! I’m the beginner. If you think about it this way then it’s actually not too bad, right?
My goal here is to get just close enough to perfection that you don’t even notice it’s not perfect.

In the beginning ~ “I hope he doesn’t drop me” ~ is exactly what I was thinking…

The technique to this lift has improved over and above and beyond what I ever expected for myself since this was first done and filmed here. It was a bit awkward for me in the beginning. <cringe> Well maybe only a little. I wasn’t comfortable doing this at first (clearly <sigh>), but I wanted to do it, and I asked to do it, all to push myself ~ AND Dustin really is a professional at this. This was either my 2nd or only 3rd attempt and still feeling hesitant. There will be at least one more lift in the dance, but it will be a completely different style than this one. You will be surprised while viewing the finale because it will show how much I’ve progressed since!

8 thoughts on “Wander-List #1

  1. Hah! It’s a pink leotard with a knit crop top and flowy pink wrap skirt. I like how good it looks on video I think this is what I’ll be wearing for the finale! It does look like a dress doesn’t it?


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